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Payday loans Carson CA is fast and very quick. We are located at 1223 W Carson Street in Torrance. It is diagonally across from the Harbor UCLA hospital, and right across from the Starbucks. We are open till 9 pm for our customers, and have the cheapest payday loan rates in the South Bay.

If you need emergency cash, we are here to serve your needs. Payday loans are not meant to be long term loans, but for emergency needs. It is better than bouncing a check for under $50 and then getting tagged by the bank for the overdraft fee of $40. For close to $40, we can give you $250 to use and payback in two weeks.

That is why payday loan stores like ours are so popular. We are a discount overdraft fee and the banks will never lower their fees to compete with us. Never. After we bailed out the banks with taxpayer money do you think they would do use a favor and lower rates? No, in fact they will raise rates on the people who rescued them.

We give free money orders and that is something that the banks will never do. Our money orders are as good as currency, and can be used anywhere in the world. You cannot say the same with your checking account. That is why our customers appreciate our service to the community. We give them savings, and service for a fair fee.

Payday loans Carson CA are flexible and soon we will have an online presence. Customers will be able to get a payday loan without coming to the store. We are thinking of whether to use a debit card, or simply deposit the funds in their checking account. Either way, we are improving our services to help customers.

Every tax season we get hoards of customers who use our check cashing services. Our rates are 2% for checks up to $50000 for tax refund check only. For regular payroll checks, our fees are 1.25% under $1000 and 1.65% for over $1000. Check cashing is an essential service since you can get cash on the spot. If you deposit your checks with your bank, you could wait up to 5 days before it clears, and that is something that you don’t want to do.

We also have great money transfer services with Moneygram, and you can send up to $1000 to Mexico for under $10. We have customer who send money around the world to such places as India, the Philippines, and China. Everyone knows that Moneygram has their famous 10 minute service. When using that service you just give the reference number to the receiver, and they can pick up the money anywhere in the world.

Come to our store, and we will help you with your needs.  From what you read, you can use any of our services, and they are cheaper than any other business in the South Bay. Call us at 310-787-7587 and let us see how we can help you.


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James Betz is an authority in the check cashing and payday loan business for over 13 years. His writings can be found in various forums and articles.
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