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A reason not to deal with online payday lenders is your private information. A few these online companies are in places like Belize and Malta. Identity theft is a real problem for many people and is growing every day.  You may think you will not be a victim, but if you buy or give your information online then you will be.

If you are going to deal online, then only deal with companies in the United States. Being a victim of identity theft, you have the laws of the United States to protect you.  Look at the footer or About Us section on the Internet site that you deal with. If you see the company is outside the United States then I would not give your information.

If you have dealt with foreign companies then you are at risk of identity theft. What makes you think the company loaning you money will not steal your information? There is no law over these companies, and they are free to do what they please.

If you do not have money now does not mean you should be careless with information. Years from now, identity thieves can take your information and apply for credit cards and leave you with debt. Being careless with your information now can put you in jeopardy later in life.

If you value your credit then don’t deal with online companies that are not in the United States.

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