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To put simply, a torrance check cashing torrance ca service is one that will cash your check. More times than not, they will do this for a fee. All major banks will cash checks as well. However, they may not be open during the time when you need to cash your check. Plus, some people don’t even have active checking accounts since they don’t want to pay the fees associate with them. Because of this, check cashing services seem like a healthy alternative for a lot of people.

How do Check Cashing Services Work?

Torrance check cashing torrance ca services make their money by simply taking a percentage of the check that you bring in. And just like a bank, you will need to provide various forms of identification to prove that you are the one who in fact owns the check. Also note that some check cashing services may not accept personal checks. One reason for this is because this type of check tends to be the used in check fraud the most.

If you find a good check cashing service then you may be able to apply for direct deposit. They can load your money on a debit card that you can simply pick up at the check cashing location. But if you are a person who doesn’t make a lot of money then you may want to re-consider a check cashing service. The reason why is because you may be slammed with fees that can take a large portion of your check and hand it to the check cashing service.

What are the Rates?

Banks won’t charge you anything to cash your personal or government checks with them. But not everyone has a checking account and not all banks are open at all hours of the day.  So sometimes, you may be forced to take your check to a check cashing service and have them take out a small percentage. But how small exactly is this amount? Well, the truth is that most check cashing places take out 2% to 4%.

However, it really depends on where you are located and what company you are dealing with. It also depends on what kind of check you are bringing in as well as its amount. For example, if you are going to bring in a personal check that is worth $2,000, you may end up walking away with $1,900. Now, while most people won’t mind this, some will. It really depends on how much money you are willing to give up in order having your money now.

Types of Checks

There are a few types of checks that you can cash. You can cash personal checks, government checks, and even payroll checks. Most of the time, a check cashing agency will never reject a payroll check. However, sometimes, they may not accept personal checks. With government checks, you should be able to cash them with ease as well. Also note that he amount of money taken out of each check will change depending on what type of check you cash.

Check Cashing Advances

Some check cashing services can provide you with “advances” meaning, you can have money now but you’ll be paying higher fee later on down the road. But do realize that this can cause you to lose even more value from your check. Some people get stuck in habitual cycles where they constantly own money to these check cashing services. To avoid this, simply cash your check when you receive it and pay the smaller percentage.

What Are the Benefits?

Check cashing services have their advantages. And most of the time, these advantages definitely outweigh their disadvantages. First off, they can be quite convenient. They provide people with the opportunity to get cash quickly without needing to go to the bank. Plus, you’ll be able to receive your funds right away.

Nothing can bother someone more than having bills to pay and not having a place to cash their checks. Most experts in the financial field suggest that you get a bank account that will provide you with direct deposit. However, some banks charge fees from month to month which is one reason why people avoid them in the first place. Immediate access to money tends to be a little more popular for most people though.

Who should do it?

Well, there really isn’t anyone in particular who should participate in check cashing services. It really depends on the person. Are you someone who wants your money now? The good part about check cashing services is that they will provide you with immediate access to your funds. For some people, this is appreciated, and often necessary especially if they have a lot of bills to pay.

Fees and Services

While we discussed it briefly, let’s take a more in-depth look at the fees and services associated with check cashing places. For one, realize that check cashing companies come in all shapes and sizes and are located all across the country. Each of them provides their own rates as well as other types of services. More times than not, these check cashing services will provide other services which include calling cards and money orders. Calling cards and payday loans can also be acquired here.

However, what most people don’t know is that some branches can easily charge between 10% and 20% of a check. While this isn’t common, it does occur, and it would be really helpful to do your research and find one that isn’t so expensive. It really depends on the size of the company. Larger corporations like Wal-Mart for example will charge a very small $3 for any check that is under $500. This is very small compared to most competitors. And they can afford to do this because they are so big.


Above everything, make sure that you do your research before becoming involved with any torrance check cashing torrance ca service. Some provide better rates than others so it is important to locate those before getting your check cashed.

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